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Beauty Survival Kit In Down Economy
You don’t have to be blah just because you’re broke!

Everyone has been cutting back on their luxuries so they can keep afloat in this down economy.  But cutting back on beauty is just like adding insult to injury in a time when we need happiness and hope! Fashion and beauty expert Juliana Lutzi of PURE STYLE Girlfriends is showing us how to minimize spending but still maximize our glamour:

Mani/Pedi Party! The next time you think about shelling out $60 to get your nails done, call a few friends over instead! With so many colorful little bottles that everyone will bring you’ll feel like you’re at the spa!  Then take turns painting each other’s nails while you gab and gossip your way into the most enjoyable manicure of your life!

Forget Breast Augmentation! At over $2,000 a pop for breast implants, many women are feeling a little “inadequate” when filling out those swanky, cleavage-baring tops.  Well, who needs plastic surgery anyway when you have PURE STYLE Girlfriends?! PURE STYLE Girlfriends is a unique line of bra products that can have you wondering why anyone would ever put a knife to their girls again!  Jump-A-Cup and Bump-A-Cup full and half cup bra inserts will enhance any bust line and Gather-the-Girls cleavage enhancing demi strapless will solve even the worst “separation anxiety” that your girls could ever have!

Dye Your Own Hair! The Mario Tricocis of the world take notice!  We can and WILL dye our own hair and it WILL look fabulous!  Don’t think you can do it?  Well, the directions are quite helpful on those boxed colors in the health and beauty section, but you can always invite your closest gal-pal over to make sure you don’t miss a spot.  Women have been dyeing their own hair for years, ladies- it’s time we make them proud!  Put on your gloves and get beautiful!

Dump The Tailor! Don’t spend all of your hard earned cash hemming your pants, jeans and skirts!  Use PURE STYLE Girlfriends Stay Put double sided fashion tape to shorten any hem line in a jiffy!  Now you never have to waste money on buying two pairs of jeans to fit your heels and flats! Use some tape to shorten your long jeans to fit your ballet flats and take the tape out for a night on the town in your swanky stilettos!