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Lori Benson’s Breast Cancer Story Goes Beyond ‘Dear Talula’
Lori shares personal experience with the emotional pain of mastectomy

As anyone can see while watching her on The View and other various media, Lori Benson is a fighter.  Diagnosed at the age of 38 with breast cancer, she decided to document her ensuing battle for the benefit of her then 14-month-old daughter, Talula.

The resulting documentary, ‘Dear Talula,’ has aired on HBO and is a part of the LunaFest traveling film festival by women, for women and about women.  Her film and courage has touched the lives of women and their families everywhere, but there is more to her story.

After also having an oophorectomy at age 42 relating to the original cancer, she has had to deal with an early menopause over the past few years while going through a divorce and entering a new relationship.

“It is much harder to date when you are dealing with emotional issues relating to your body,” Lori, now 45, explains. “While I did have plastic surgery, the result is less than perfect but you can’t just keep going under the knife.  I never had to consider whether or not the shirts I bought were too low cut or hung strangely, and it has been an emotional part of my recovery process.  I started to try different products I thought might help, but I wasn’t satisfied with the result. ”

“Then a friend gave me a care package that included a couple products from PURE STYLE Girlfriends, and I was hooked!  The Jump-a-Cup silicone insert was more comfortable and natural looking, and Gather-the-Girls backless, strapless silicone shaping bra helped to give me some cleavage and really helped me feel more confident than ever,” says Lori.

As she has gone through menopause, Lori has also come to love a newer product, Holey Cup, because this silicone insert is made with hundreds of tiny holes to make it much more breathable, and it can be slipped into a soft fabric that feels much more light and comfortable on the skin.

“Self-image has been a huge part of my recovery process, and I am thankful to say that today I am confident and I feel beautiful,” Lori concludes.