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Bigger Busts Without The Plastic Surgery Fuss
A new product line storms the market providing an alternative to breast augmentations

Everyone wants to look as dazzling as the stars in Hollywood these days but not everyone has the money or the desire to go under the knife.  Whether you’re uneven, sagging, or you just never filled out that bra you bought in fifth grade, there are solutions that don’t involve a visit to the doctor.  Here are some solutions to some of the most common fashion dilemmas:

¨       The Distant Cousins – Not every woman is as cleavage-ly gifted as those Victoria’s Secret models, but with Gather-the-Girls, they can be.  The self-adhesive shaping bra from the PURE STYLE Girlfriends fashion solutions line adds a va-va-voom to that slinky dress you were afraid to try on.

¨       The Acrophobes – Some girls’ girls are afraid of heights and could use a little lift.  Pick-Me-Up breast lift-up tape is a unique and brilliant product that uses the strongest and safest adhesive tape on the market to lift those girls and conceal the nipples, making bras a thing of the past.

¨       Lifestyles of the Small and Uneven– With Jump-a-Cup and Bump-a-Cup inserts, women everywhere can sass it up and even-it-out whenever they want   without having to endure costly and painful surgery.  Whether the girls are in need of a boost or a good leveling, slipping in some half-cup Bump-a-Cups or full-cup Jump-a-Cups works like magic.


CEO of PURE STYLE Girlfriends Juliana Lutzi states, “Women shouldn’t have to commit their bodies or their bank accounts to fashion.  With styles changing every day, we need to be able to go from one look to the next with a simple undergarment or insert! This is why I created this line.”