The Heat Is On

Pure Style Dress Liners
no sweat!

If by glowing they mean spouting like Old Faithful while chatting up Johnny Heartthrob from the art department in an elevator on a 90-degree day, sure, ladies don’t perspire.

Well, whatever you call it, mop it up with a Pure Style disposable dress liner. Besides saving you from embarrassing pit puddles, they also protect your sheerest silk blouses from those ruinous yellow stains.

The ultra-thin adhesive guards are also a natural alternative to antiperspirants, which can be filled with aluminum. Stick them under everything from a little black dress to your finest cashmere sweater. (Just don’t forget to throw them out when you’re done using them.)

What’s more: You’ll see a big drop in those hefty laundry bills.

Because you shouldn’t sweat the small stuff.