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Girl Talk

Non-Surgical Solutions for Women’s Breasts
Revolutionary Silicone Shaping Bra Helps Women Gather-the-Girls

Some say distance makes the heart grow fonder, but today’s woman knows that’s not true when it comes to breasts.  Women deserve to feel sexy and attractive everyday, whether it’s at work or on the beach, and there are products out there that are more affordable and less invasive, yet deliver the same results as cosmetic surgery.

Whether the “girls” are living bi-coastal or they just need a little more lift and shape, PURE STYLE Girlfriends has a surefire solution with their adhesive strapless silicone shaping bra.  Gather-the-Girls provides the support and shaping that has women feeling front and center everyday.

“What makes this product so unique is that it is the first silicone shaping bra – it actually shapes the breasts rather than simply offering a strapless solution.  Plus, it’s a demi cup so it doesn’t show even with very low-cut tops.  As women, we all desire a sexy cleavage, and Gather-the-Girls helps us achieve it without the pain and fuss of plastic surgery,” comments PURE STYLE Girlfriends founder and CEO Juliana Lutzi.

Gather-the-Girls is also the perfect fashion solution for those backless dresses and slinky tops – The surgical-grade adhesive sticks all day long, rain or shine, eliminating the need for straps and clasps.

Intimate Wedding Day Woes Fixed in a Jiffy!
Help remedy the most personal wedding day emergencies

After a year or more of deciding on color schemes, seating arrangements, and whether to serve chicken or fish, a bride deserves the most flawless and magical wedding day ever.  Enter reality. Besides waking up with a zit the size of Houston, no one ever really noticed the small imperfections of that oh-so-perfect wedding dress you THOUGHT you had! Whether you look as flat as a twelve year old boy or your strapless bra is making its debut out of the back of your dress, PURE STYLE Girlfriends has just the right fashion fixer!

PURE STYLE Girlfriends is a unique suite of bra and fashion solution products that can help give a polished (and even augmented) look without much of a fuss. No bride should attempt to walk down the aisle without these emergency fixers in her garter!

Gather-the-Girls: No cleavage in your strapless gown? This adhesive strapless cleavage enhancing bra can bring even the most distant girls together.
Pick-Me-Up: If there is no room for a bra in your dress, try Pick-Me-Up breast tape to will lift your breasts two gravity defying inches. The best part? This tape holds from the first dance to the bouquet toss and more!
Stay Put: Keep your bra straps from peek-a-booing out from under your dress!  This double sided fashion tape is surgically strong and can also be a great fix in case the hem on your dress comes undone.
Jump-a-Cup/ Bump-a-Cup: These full and half cup bra inserts give the look of an enhanced bust line.
Smooth ’em:
Are you going au natural in a sexy satin wedding dress?  Thin, tapered nipple concealers will keep you from any over-exposure!

Beauty Survival Kit In Down Economy
You don’t have to be blah just because you’re broke!

Everyone has been cutting back on their luxuries so they can keep afloat in this down economy.  But cutting back on beauty is just like adding insult to injury in a time when we need happiness and hope! Fashion and beauty expert Juliana Lutzi of PURE STYLE Girlfriends is showing us how to minimize spending but still maximize our glamour:

Mani/Pedi Party! The next time you think about shelling out $60 to get your nails done, call a few friends over instead! With so many colorful little bottles that everyone will bring you’ll feel like you’re at the spa!  Then take turns painting each other’s nails while you gab and gossip your way into the most enjoyable manicure of your life!

Forget Breast Augmentation! At over $2,000 a pop for breast implants, many women are feeling a little “inadequate” when filling out those swanky, cleavage-baring tops.  Well, who needs plastic surgery anyway when you have PURE STYLE Girlfriends?! PURE STYLE Girlfriends is a unique line of bra products that can have you wondering why anyone would ever put a knife to their girls again!  Jump-A-Cup and Bump-A-Cup full and half cup bra inserts will enhance any bust line and Gather-the-Girls cleavage enhancing demi strapless will solve even the worst “separation anxiety” that your girls could ever have!

Dye Your Own Hair! The Mario Tricocis of the world take notice!  We can and WILL dye our own hair and it WILL look fabulous!  Don’t think you can do it?  Well, the directions are quite helpful on those boxed colors in the health and beauty section, but you can always invite your closest gal-pal over to make sure you don’t miss a spot.  Women have been dyeing their own hair for years, ladies- it’s time we make them proud!  Put on your gloves and get beautiful!

Dump The Tailor! Don’t spend all of your hard earned cash hemming your pants, jeans and skirts!  Use PURE STYLE Girlfriends Stay Put double sided fashion tape to shorten any hem line in a jiffy!  Now you never have to waste money on buying two pairs of jeans to fit your heels and flats! Use some tape to shorten your long jeans to fit your ballet flats and take the tape out for a night on the town in your swanky stilettos!

Bigger Busts Without The Plastic Surgery Fuss
A new product line storms the market providing an alternative to breast augmentations

Everyone wants to look as dazzling as the stars in Hollywood these days but not everyone has the money or the desire to go under the knife.  Whether you’re uneven, sagging, or you just never filled out that bra you bought in fifth grade, there are solutions that don’t involve a visit to the doctor.  Here are some solutions to some of the most common fashion dilemmas:

¨       The Distant Cousins – Not every woman is as cleavage-ly gifted as those Victoria’s Secret models, but with Gather-the-Girls, they can be.  The self-adhesive shaping bra from the PURE STYLE Girlfriends fashion solutions line adds a va-va-voom to that slinky dress you were afraid to try on.

¨       The Acrophobes – Some girls’ girls are afraid of heights and could use a little lift.  Pick-Me-Up breast lift-up tape is a unique and brilliant product that uses the strongest and safest adhesive tape on the market to lift those girls and conceal the nipples, making bras a thing of the past.

¨       Lifestyles of the Small and Uneven– With Jump-a-Cup and Bump-a-Cup inserts, women everywhere can sass it up and even-it-out whenever they want   without having to endure costly and painful surgery.  Whether the girls are in need of a boost or a good leveling, slipping in some half-cup Bump-a-Cups or full-cup Jump-a-Cups works like magic.


CEO of PURE STYLE Girlfriends Juliana Lutzi states, “Women shouldn’t have to commit their bodies or their bank accounts to fashion.  With styles changing every day, we need to be able to go from one look to the next with a simple undergarment or insert! This is why I created this line.”

Stop Stuffing With Tissues!
New innovative bra inserts take stuffing to the next level

From the days of Cleopatra (yes, even Cleopatra stuffed!) to the everyone-can-relate scene in Animal House when Pinto ends up with a handful of Kleenex that the mayor’s daughter had used to stuff her bra, women throughout the ages have been finding ways to add a little lift and fullness to their bustline, and now the industry has exploded with the most high-quality, scientific bra inserts that are more than a step-up from a box of tissues!

The PURE STYLE Girlfriends line of products features an array of bust enhancements, so you can find the perfect solution to whatever problem you’re facing, whether you’re looking to fix size, shape or sag!  They are all made with silicone and are designed with darts that create a totally natural look.

Bump-a-Cup bra inserts will increase a bust size by a half cup while Jump-a-Cup inserts dramatically enhance a bust by a full cup size.  And Bump & Jump-a-Cup push ups with full-cup inserts lift, enhance and create perfect cleavage for any gal looking for a little pizzazz!

Founder and CEO of PURE STYLE Girlfriends, Juliana Lutzi, comments, “When women feel beautiful they feel more self-confident, and sometimes we all need a little help to get there.  Feeling good about our bodies enables us to have that confident feeling that we are ready to take on the world.  Unfortunately, we are also all too prone to the opposite feeling… frumpy!  It’s hard to conquer the world when you are feeling self-conscious and that’s why I created a line to help us all feel like the beautiful, confident women we are!”