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Girl Talk

The 100-Year Evolution of the Bra
The bra has had a century to become truly flawless!

As fashion over the past century has changed, so have the garments that go underneath. With 100 years of lifting, gathering, shaping, and securing, any woman can attest to how far it's come!

The very first patented bra, designed by American Mary Phelps-Jacobs in 1910, consisted of two silk handkerchiefs tied together with baby ribbon sewn on for straps. Sure it served its purpose under the billowy and modest dresses of that time, but it would be a catastrophe under today's backless summer dresses, halter tops and low-cut blouses.

Fortunately, woman of the 21st century have PURE STYLE Girlfriends for the most innovative bra on the market.  Gather-the-Girls is a revolutionary must-have bra for every fashionista who's tired of feeling confined by the straps of discomfort!

Backless and strapless, Gather-the-Girls is designed to give full control over how much cleavage is desired with two adhesive side wings that are applied below the underarm, and silicone cups that clasp in the middle. So, if more cleavage is necessary, simply apply the side wings farther apart.  The silicone demi-cups and low-sitting clasp hide well under plunging necklines, providing a natural, seamless shape.

Gather-the-Girls has taken all the advancements made in the past 100 years to create the ultimate bra, perfect for today’s modern woman!

Look Sexy in Your Sweater
Fashion tips to keep your winter wardrobe hot

Just because it’s getting chilly outside doesn’t mean you have to walk around looking and feeling frumpy.  Here are 4 expert tips that stylists from Hollywood to Manhattan are using with fashionistas everywhere to enhance their sexiness even under sweaters:

Body Concern: Breasts are sagging and gravity is winning
Product: Pick-Me-Up, a tape that lifts your breast two inches without a bra.
Result: An instant lift – You’ll look 10 years younger from the neck down in 10 seconds!

Body Concern: Breasts are separating and gravity is pulling them apart
Products: Gather-the-Girls, the first silicone shaping bra that lifts your girls and pulls them together, and newly launched Bump & Jump-a-Cup silicone bra inserts that lift your bustline and increases it a full cup size.
Result: Brings breast together to create stunning cleavage and a round, perky shape.

Body Concern: Pear shaped or curvy figures
Products: Jump-a-Cup silicone full-cup bra inserts increase breasts a full cup size while Holey Cup bra inserts lift the bustline and increases breasts a full cup size with a natural, smooth look.
Result: Creates a more balanced silhouette by helping the tummy look flatter and hips smaller.

Body Concern: Small breasts, petite figures, or women with uneven breasts
Product: Bump-a-Cup, bra inserts that very subtly increase breasts a half cup size
Result: Gives the enhancement smaller-breasted women want without being too voluptuous.  If the breasts are uneven, slipping one in the smaller cup will even out the bust.

Lori Benson’s Breast Cancer Story Goes Beyond ‘Dear Talula’
Lori shares personal experience with the emotional pain of mastectomy

As anyone can see while watching her on The View and other various media, Lori Benson is a fighter.  Diagnosed at the age of 38 with breast cancer, she decided to document her ensuing battle for the benefit of her then 14-month-old daughter, Talula.

The resulting documentary, ‘Dear Talula,’ has aired on HBO and is a part of the LunaFest traveling film festival by women, for women and about women.  Her film and courage has touched the lives of women and their families everywhere, but there is more to her story.

After also having an oophorectomy at age 42 relating to the original cancer, she has had to deal with an early menopause over the past few years while going through a divorce and entering a new relationship.

“It is much harder to date when you are dealing with emotional issues relating to your body,” Lori, now 45, explains. “While I did have plastic surgery, the result is less than perfect but you can’t just keep going under the knife.  I never had to consider whether or not the shirts I bought were too low cut or hung strangely, and it has been an emotional part of my recovery process.  I started to try different products I thought might help, but I wasn’t satisfied with the result. ”

“Then a friend gave me a care package that included a couple products from PURE STYLE Girlfriends, and I was hooked!  The Jump-a-Cup silicone insert was more comfortable and natural looking, and Gather-the-Girls backless, strapless silicone shaping bra helped to give me some cleavage and really helped me feel more confident than ever,” says Lori.

As she has gone through menopause, Lori has also come to love a newer product, Holey Cup, because this silicone insert is made with hundreds of tiny holes to make it much more breathable, and it can be slipped into a soft fabric that feels much more light and comfortable on the skin.

“Self-image has been a huge part of my recovery process, and I am thankful to say that today I am confident and I feel beautiful,” Lori concludes.

The PURE Solution for Women Suffering from Lingering Post-Surgical Breast Pain
Dr. Deb shares personal experience and how she found a solution

A new Danish study published in the in the Nov. 11 issue of The Journal of the American Medical Association has found that almost half of women who have breast cancer surgery still have pain or numbness two to three years later.  In the study of 3,754 breast cancer survivors ages 18 to 70, 47 percent had pain in one or more area, and 58 percent reported problems in the treated breast, including burning and a loss of sensation for one to three years after their surgery.

Fortunately, as medical technologies have evolved, so too have products that can help alleviate the physical and emotional pain of going through breast cancer treatments.  The PURE STYLE Girlfriends line of products, in particular, has answered this call.  The following story from Dr. Deb Kimless-Garber, Executive Director of PURE STYLE Girlfriends, explains how these products have become integral to the healing process:

I was a 44 year old full time physician, wife and mother of a 7 year old daughter who just completed another normal mammogram and had an MRI as a baseline study. This baseline study resulted in a double mastectomy with lymph node dissections and a multi-stage reconstruction.  Because I was working as a full-time Anesthesiologist and was also actively volunteering at my daughter’s school, I wanted to fast track my surgery and reconstruction so I could continue on with my life. Fortunately, I am and remain cancer free.  However, I was side lined by something called post mastectomy pain syndrome; a phantom pain that affects 14% of women who have breast surgery, and even lumpectomy.

My incentive to develop a remedy was driven by my own struggles with pain, the mental anguish and frustration of living with disfigured breasts, and the lack of resources available. And PURE STYLE Girlfriends is the solution that I found.

Jump-a-Cup and Bump-a-Cup full and half bra inserts from the PURE STYLE Girlfriends line of products are made of medical-grade silicone and add shape and density to any bra.  The way in which they help to alleviate phantom pain is the pressure they put on the area.  The sensation works to trick the brain into thinking the breast is still there which in turn stops the nerve endings from clenching up.

And unlike many silicone bra inserts on the market, those offered by PURE STYLE Girlfriends are soft to the skin and designed to contour to the body for a natural look that moves with you, so they not only help eliminate the phantom pain, but provide a natural shape as well.

Give Your Back Side a Boost
If you don’t have it, fake it… with Bump-a-Booty!

Sometimes it seems like you just can’t have it all… You’ve stuck to your New Year’s resolution and have trimmed off a few extra pounds, but now that your tummy is flat, you’re missing a curve or two where it counts!

Fortunately, with the launch of Bump-a-Booty from PURE STYLE Girlfriends, you can have it all!  Bump-a-Booty is a high quality, rear-enhancing padded panty that adds lift, support and light control in all the right places.

The comfy, low-rise microfiber panty is made with specially-designed foam pads that sculpt and shape so discreetly it can be worn under everything from your favorite skinny jeans to a form-fitting cocktail dress.  And unlike other solutions on the market, the unique design of Bump-a-Booty adds a natural, subtle curve that won’t make you feel like you have to choose between too little and too much.

If you need to add a few curves up top as well, Jump-a-Cup full-cup and Bump-a-Cup half-cup silicone inserts will add a natural, seamless shape to your bustline.