Give the Girls a Lift without Going under the Knife
Bring back a youthful perk with Pick-Me-Up breast lift tape

Gravity is not always the greatest of friends, especially to women and their breasts.  As women age, the perkiness that comes with their twenties tends to deflate going into their thirties and forties.  To bring the perk back to your rack, Pure STYLE Girlfriends has Pick-Me-Up tape that can lift breasts two whole inches.

Pick-Me-Up breast tape has the ability to defy gravity and bring the girls back to where they should be without having to turn to doctors for breast surgery and other types of breast enhancement and sculpting.  Pick-Me-Up is the only breast lift tape that has a non-adhesive area that covers and protects the nipple. Made with surgical grade tape, this product is truly one of the highest quality tapes in the world. The clear adhesive is sweat and water-proof and painless to remove, making it perfect for any occasion.

“This product is unique because is wearable under any garment from swimsuits to ball gowns, never coming loose or causing any discomfort.  As women, we all desire a perkier and youthful look, and Pick-Me-Up helps us achieve it without the pain and fuss of plastic surgery,” comments PURE STYLE Girlfriends founder and CEO Juliana Lutzi.  With Pick-Me-Up, a more youthful look is only a tape job away!