Give Your Back Side a Boost
If you don’t have it, fake it… with Bump-a-Booty!

Sometimes it seems like you just can’t have it all… You’ve stuck to your New Year’s resolution and have trimmed off a few extra pounds, but now that your tummy is flat, you’re missing a curve or two where it counts!

Fortunately, with the launch of Bump-a-Booty from PURE STYLE Girlfriends, you can have it all!  Bump-a-Booty is a high quality, rear-enhancing padded panty that adds lift, support and light control in all the right places.

The comfy, low-rise microfiber panty is made with specially-designed foam pads that sculpt and shape so discreetly it can be worn under everything from your favorite skinny jeans to a form-fitting cocktail dress.  And unlike other solutions on the market, the unique design of Bump-a-Booty adds a natural, subtle curve that won’t make you feel like you have to choose between too little and too much.

If you need to add a few curves up top as well, Jump-a-Cup full-cup and Bump-a-Cup half-cup silicone inserts will add a natural, seamless shape to your bustline.