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If You’ve Got it, Flaunt it and if You Don’t, Fake it!
Accentuate your greatest asset with these fashion fixers

Everyone has a favorite feature they love about themselves, whether it’s their legs, back side or bust line.  Whatever your best feature is, here are some tips from Juliana Lutzi, CEO or PURE STYLE Girlfriends, to accent it and feel sexy and fabulous all day long!

If your best feature is your bust line…

Show off your girls and add some sexy cleavage with Gather-the-Girls silicone shaping bra from PURE STYLE Girlfriends.  It’s a demi cup so you can wear even the most revealing necklines, and it’s backless and strapless so it won’t show under any outfit.  Or, if you already have all the cleavage you’ll ever need, try Pick-Me-Up tape that is applied to the breasts and actually lifts them up to two inches without the need for a bra!

If your best feature is your back side…

If you love to show off your behind in tight jeans or a miniskirt, sometimes a little lift will go a long way!  Bump-a-Booty has just the right amount of “pop” to take you from looking flat to fab!

If your best feature is your legs…

Even if you have amazing legs, you’re bound to have a spider vein or two.  That’s where products like ColorTration Makeup come in.  This spider vein concealer works just like the concealer you put on your face, and it hides those pesky veins and will stay on all night long.