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Has your belly button decided to make a sudden appearance?

Don't worry - we've got you covered!

With a special tapered design, Pop-Out lightly adheres to protect your sensitive belly button. The oil based re-usable adhesive is very gentle, so be sure to wear it under fitted clothes for extra support.


  • Do not apply to recently moisturized skin
  • Simply peel the clear backing off Pop-Out
  • Adhere silicone disc to belly button area
  • Wear under fitted garments

After use:

  • Rinse with cool water (use mild soap if needed), air dry adhesive side up.
  • Wash belly button area as needed

More Info

  • Silicone belly button covers are slightly rounded for a natural fit.
  • Tapers to paper-thin edges for a seamless look
  • Each cover is approximately 2 ¾” in diameter


  • 2 re-uable pairs
  • 100% Silicone

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