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Are you looking to shape up and turn a few heads?

Shape-a-Cup is designed for women who’ve breast fed or had a mastectomy that want to lift & shape the entire breast.

If you’re anything like us, you want to be in tip top shape and that means everything up top falling into just the right place. Thanks to Shape-A-Cup, you can stop fidgeting with bathing suit tops or opting out of your favorite v-neck top because it doesn’t fit quite right. These thin, comfortable gel bra inserts feel like the real deal (and lift and shape like no other) to create a natural, flawless look that’s nothing short of perfect. So, what are you waiting for? Shape up or ship out!

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  • Slip one Shape-a-cup into each bra cup
  • Shift depending on where you want a little extra boost and Voilà!
  • To clean, gently wash with soap and water
  • use caution not to puncture with sharp objects


  • One reusable pair (ie, 2 inserts)
  • 100% silicone


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