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Intimate Wedding Day Woes Fixed in a Jiffy!
Help remedy the most personal wedding day emergencies

After a year or more of deciding on color schemes, seating arrangements, and whether to serve chicken or fish, a bride deserves the most flawless and magical wedding day ever.  Enter reality. Besides waking up with a zit the size of Houston, no one ever really noticed the small imperfections of that oh-so-perfect wedding dress you THOUGHT you had! Whether you look as flat as a twelve year old boy or your strapless bra is making its debut out of the back of your dress, PURE STYLE Girlfriends has just the right fashion fixer!

PURE STYLE Girlfriends is a unique suite of bra and fashion solution products that can help give a polished (and even augmented) look without much of a fuss. No bride should attempt to walk down the aisle without these emergency fixers in her garter!

Gather-the-Girls: No cleavage in your strapless gown? This adhesive strapless cleavage enhancing bra can bring even the most distant girls together.
Pick-Me-Up: If there is no room for a bra in your dress, try Pick-Me-Up breast tape to will lift your breasts two gravity defying inches. The best part? This tape holds from the first dance to the bouquet toss and more!
Stay Put: Keep your bra straps from peek-a-booing out from under your dress!  This double sided fashion tape is surgically strong and can also be a great fix in case the hem on your dress comes undone.
Jump-a-Cup/ Bump-a-Cup: These full and half cup bra inserts give the look of an enhanced bust line.
Smooth ’em:
Are you going au natural in a sexy satin wedding dress?  Thin, tapered nipple concealers will keep you from any over-exposure!