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Look Sexy in Your Sweater
Fashion tips to keep your winter wardrobe hot

Just because it’s getting chilly outside doesn’t mean you have to walk around looking and feeling frumpy.  Here are 4 expert tips that stylists from Hollywood to Manhattan are using with fashionistas everywhere to enhance their sexiness even under sweaters:

Body Concern: Breasts are sagging and gravity is winning
Product: Pick-Me-Up, a tape that lifts your breast two inches without a bra.
Result: An instant lift – You’ll look 10 years younger from the neck down in 10 seconds!

Body Concern: Breasts are separating and gravity is pulling them apart
Products: Gather-the-Girls, the first silicone shaping bra that lifts your girls and pulls them together, and newly launched Bump & Jump-a-Cup silicone bra inserts that lift your bustline and increases it a full cup size.
Result: Brings breast together to create stunning cleavage and a round, perky shape.

Body Concern: Pear shaped or curvy figures
Products: Jump-a-Cup silicone full-cup bra inserts increase breasts a full cup size while Holey Cup bra inserts lift the bustline and increases breasts a full cup size with a natural, smooth look.
Result: Creates a more balanced silhouette by helping the tummy look flatter and hips smaller.

Body Concern: Small breasts, petite figures, or women with uneven breasts
Product: Bump-a-Cup, bra inserts that very subtly increase breasts a half cup size
Result: Gives the enhancement smaller-breasted women want without being too voluptuous.  If the breasts are uneven, slipping one in the smaller cup will even out the bust.