Non-Surgical Solutions for Women’s Breasts
Revolutionary Silicone Shaping Bra Helps Women Gather-the-Girls

Some say distance makes the heart grow fonder, but today’s woman knows that’s not true when it comes to breasts.  Women deserve to feel sexy and attractive everyday, whether it’s at work or on the beach, and there are products out there that are more affordable and less invasive, yet deliver the same results as cosmetic surgery.

Whether the “girls” are living bi-coastal or they just need a little more lift and shape, PURE STYLE Girlfriends has a surefire solution with their adhesive strapless silicone shaping bra.  Gather-the-Girls provides the support and shaping that has women feeling front and center everyday.

“What makes this product so unique is that it is the first silicone shaping bra – it actually shapes the breasts rather than simply offering a strapless solution.  Plus, it’s a demi cup so it doesn’t show even with very low-cut tops.  As women, we all desire a sexy cleavage, and Gather-the-Girls helps us achieve it without the pain and fuss of plastic surgery,” comments PURE STYLE Girlfriends founder and CEO Juliana Lutzi.

Gather-the-Girls is also the perfect fashion solution for those backless dresses and slinky tops – The surgical-grade adhesive sticks all day long, rain or shine, eliminating the need for straps and clasps.