Should You Hem Your Jeans for Heels or Flats?
PURE STYLE Girlfriends has a solution for that pesky length issue

The best thing about a hot pair of jeans is that they can be worn out to the clubs or shopping with your friends.  However, this versatility can cause a dilemma when it comes to the hemline.  No one wants to put on a pair of sassy heels and have their pant leg hanging in the air, but at the same time when you opt for a cute pair of flats, you don’t want your jeans dragging on the floor.  Fortunately, there’s an affordable solution that will save you from having to have a heel and a flat version of every pant!

The solution is Stay Put, a surgical-grade double-sided fashion tape from PURE STYLE Girlfriends.  Now girls can get their jeans hemmed to fit the tallest of their heels, and a ten second at-home hem will ensure they’re the perfect length in any shoe.

Stay Put is also an ideal solution for the rainy and snowy conditions that are fast-approaching.  With Stay Put, on your way out the door you can temporarily hem your pants a little high to avoid embarrassing water and salt stains and as soon as you get inside, just remove the tape and you’re good to go.