Stay Put 10 Pack

Stay Put 10 Pack

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Number pieces in packaging:10
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Need to steer clear of a fashion faux pas?

Invisible. Reliable. Comfortable.  Whether it’s a satin cami that’s just a smidge too loose at the bust, wrap skirts that move with the breeze, or delicate sleeves that slip off the shoulders, Stay Put will help keep everything in the right place! The medical grade adhesive is water-proof and sweat-proof so it holds tight through a late night dance party or a play date with the waves - just peel and stick for the ultimate fashion fix-it!

Now that you don't have to worry about fidgeting, you can focus on asking the hottie you've been eyeing to help you cover your back in tanning oil (with SPF, of course)!

As seen in InStyle Magazine and People!


Ensure skin is clean and dry – do not apply to recently moisturized skin.
Peel lining off on one side and place tape securely on fabric or skin
For maximum stick, do not move tape after placement
Remove liner from other side and adhere to desired position
Apply some pressure with the palm of your hand to secure bond
Remove from skin and clothing after use

More Info

Sweat- and water-proof
Do not apply to recently moisturized skin
Flexible tape moves with you
Perforated strips for pre-cut convenience
Each piece of tape is 3 ½” L x ½” W
Wear-resistant tube for the girl-on-the-go


Try Stay Put tape to:

Hold up strapless dresses
Instantly hem your jeans (when wearing flats instead of heels!)
Keep scarves in place
Keep the skirts of wrap dress from revealing more than you’d like.
Get a few more uses out of Gather-the-Girls by using Stay Put fashion tape on the clear side wings when you feel like the adhesive is starting to wear down
Use Stay Put to get extra lift with Gather-the-Girls! Here’s how:

Put on Gather-the-Girls as directed
Place Stay Put tape over your Gather-the-Girls cup vertically
With your hand, lift and hold the breast
Adhere Stay Put to the skin
LAY garment over the tape and voila! Stay Put holds garments in place AND complements the effects of Gather-the-Girls


36 strips of clear double-sided tape
100% medical grade polyethylene adhesive
Made in USA