Stop Stuffing With Tissues!
New innovative bra inserts take stuffing to the next level

From the days of Cleopatra (yes, even Cleopatra stuffed!) to the everyone-can-relate scene in Animal House when Pinto ends up with a handful of Kleenex that the mayor’s daughter had used to stuff her bra, women throughout the ages have been finding ways to add a little lift and fullness to their bustline, and now the industry has exploded with the most high-quality, scientific bra inserts that are more than a step-up from a box of tissues!

The PURE STYLE Girlfriends line of products features an array of bust enhancements, so you can find the perfect solution to whatever problem you’re facing, whether you’re looking to fix size, shape or sag!  They are all made with silicone and are designed with darts that create a totally natural look.

Bump-a-Cup bra inserts will increase a bust size by a half cup while Jump-a-Cup inserts dramatically enhance a bust by a full cup size.  And Bump & Jump-a-Cup push ups with full-cup inserts lift, enhance and create perfect cleavage for any gal looking for a little pizzazz!

Founder and CEO of PURE STYLE Girlfriends, Juliana Lutzi, comments, “When women feel beautiful they feel more self-confident, and sometimes we all need a little help to get there.  Feeling good about our bodies enables us to have that confident feeling that we are ready to take on the world.  Unfortunately, we are also all too prone to the opposite feeling… frumpy!  It’s hard to conquer the world when you are feeling self-conscious and that’s why I created a line to help us all feel like the beautiful, confident women we are!”