The 100-Year Evolution of the Bra
The bra has had a century to become truly flawless!

As fashion over the past century has changed, so have the garments that go underneath. With 100 years of lifting, gathering, shaping, and securing, any woman can attest to how far it's come!

The very first patented bra, designed by American Mary Phelps-Jacobs in 1910, consisted of two silk handkerchiefs tied together with baby ribbon sewn on for straps. Sure it served its purpose under the billowy and modest dresses of that time, but it would be a catastrophe under today's backless summer dresses, halter tops and low-cut blouses.

Fortunately, woman of the 21st century have PURE STYLE Girlfriends for the most innovative bra on the market.  Gather-the-Girls is a revolutionary must-have bra for every fashionista who's tired of feeling confined by the straps of discomfort!

Backless and strapless, Gather-the-Girls is designed to give full control over how much cleavage is desired with two adhesive side wings that are applied below the underarm, and silicone cups that clasp in the middle. So, if more cleavage is necessary, simply apply the side wings farther apart.  The silicone demi-cups and low-sitting clasp hide well under plunging necklines, providing a natural, seamless shape.

Gather-the-Girls has taken all the advancements made in the past 100 years to create the ultimate bra, perfect for today’s modern woman!