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Looking for a little lift? Side boob is the hottest fashion sense and everyone's wearing it! Simply place the Pick-Me-Up tape over your breast and pull up. Voilá! You have an instant side boob look!
The best part? The adhesive is sweat-proof & water-proof but the area that goes over your nipple has no adhesive so it doesn't hurt when you take it off! Pick-Me-Up works best for women 32A up to 34D / 36C.

Instructions: Remove white backing liner.
Attach tape to bottom of nipple. Place non-adhesive section over nipple area.
Pick breast up as high as possible.
Apply tape firmly.
Peel off white liner.
Cut any visible tape to neckline.
Remove gently.

More Info: Non-adhesive strip over the nipple = painless removal
Sweat proof and water proof - dance all night or swim all day
Do not apply to recently moisturized skin
Made from the highest quality tape in the world, surgical grade adhesive
Suggested wear: 6 hours
If a reaction occurs, please discontinue use. If the condition persists after discontinuing use, consult a physician.

Contents: Three disposable pairs (6 pieces of tape)
100% medical grade polyurethane adhesive.
Made in U.S.A.

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