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Looking for the gain without the pain? Jump-a-Cup boosts your bust size one full cup! If it’s not fully filling in all the right places, take control and get sassy! Jump-a-Cup not only boosts your bust size one full cup, it’s unique design contours to your body for a naturally sexy look and feel to keep you fabulous, supported and radiant!

For a boost at the beach, ditch the foam pads to avoid the "sponge" effect and slip in a pair of Jump-a-Cups for a natural, water-friendly look and feel.

Instructions: Loosen bra straps and slip one Jump-a-Cup into each cup Adjust bra straps and Voilà! An instant, but natural new look.

More Info: Silicone inserts designed for a naturally sexy look and feel Insert measures 9/16" at the thickest point in the center and tapers outward to 1/4" along the edges.

Use caution not to puncture with sharp objects To clean, gently wash with soap and water Tips Great for: an extra boost in bikinis a solution to uneven breasts & post-lumpectomy women creating cleavage in low cut tops.

If you're handy with a needle & thread, create a pocket for your favorite bra insert! Here's how: Add swim lining to the top of your favorite swimsuit so you can slip your Jump-a-Cup between the swimsuit and the lining! Attach

*Need a little help with these tips? Contact us!

Contents One reusable pair (ie, 2 inserts) 100% Silicone

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