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PURE STYLE Girlfriends

I look at several plastic surgeons’ Web sites throughout the day while working for I also have a few friends that are interested in getting some kind of cosmetic procedure, whether it’s for a mommy makeover, or something more simple like Botox®.

All of this makes it difficult not to think about getting plastic surgery sometime in the future. But what would I get done? Rhinoplasty? Maybe, but then again, I’ve grown to like my slightly imperfect nose. Tummy tuck? Perhaps after I have kids, since it’s not recommended for women who still plan on having children. What about breast augmentation? Now that’s something every woman ponders at some point.

So, for those of us that are still unsure about what kind of breast enhancement we would like to receive, I have come across a great company that offers results similar to those of almost any breast augmentation surgery. Pure STYLE Girlfriends offers products to help us add a cup size or lift our breasts without the plastic surgeon's assistance.

Created by Juliana Lutzi in 2007, Pure Style Girlfriends is meant to give women a “hassle-free alternative to surgery.” Some of the great things that their products do for your breasts include: adding half a cup to a full cup size, lifting the breasts, and gathering the breasts to add more cleavage for a special occasion.

  • Pick Me Up (breast lift tape): This tape eliminates the need for a mastopexy (breast lift). Simply place the tape vertically over the breast and lift up. The best part about it is that the portion covers the nipple isn't adhesive and will therefore not cause any pain when removing.
  • Jump-a-Cup (full cup bra insert): With these inserts, you won't have to undergo breast enlargement surgery to increase your bust a full cup size. These inserts contour to your body to produce natural-looking results.
  • Bump-a-Cup (half cup bra inserts): If you don't want to go a full cup size bigger, then these half cup inserts will give you just the right amount of cleavage.
  • Gather-the-Girls (adhesive strapless shaping bra): If you have issues creating cleavage in that great new dress, you'll definitely want to look into this product. You'll have a great contour with unsightly bra straps.

Pure Style Girlfriends also offers Stay Put, a double-sided fashion tape designed to keep your clothes in place. Don’t worry about those pesky straps falling down as you dance the night away! And if you’re tired of people always asking if you’re cold, try Smooth ‘em nipple concealers. These little self-adhesive disks are great for that awesome bikini you’ve got for the beach this summer. Another great product is Haute Stuff, ultra-thin disposable style liners. We all know what happens to our clothes when we break a sweat, so try these garment protectors to prevent stains.

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