Juliana Sherwood

We’re pulling out the heels, grabbing the little black dress and heading out with some girlfriends. Cause what’s a fiesta without the girls?!

PURE STYLE Girlfriends is the girlfriend you never knew you needed, until she comes into your life! Once known, its hard not to love her. She’s Latinalicious, with pure style!

She’s the girlfriend that always makes you look your best. No friendnemy here! This girlfriend has your back - literally! She’ll cover you, squeeze you, lift you, and even inflate you in places you didn’t even know needed inflating. Honestly, I never looked so good until I met her!

As a single Latina living in the city, I will admit at times it can feel daunting walking into a venue. I’ve never seen so many pinched, poked, stitched or fixed ladies in my life! Pure Style Girlfriends helped me walk into those venues with a bit more strut, a bit more sass and even a bit more class. I won’t tell you which products I used because hey a Lady never squeals, but suffice it to say I had an hourglass figure those evenings!

Are you ready to meet my new best friend: PURE STYLE Girlfriends?  Trust me you wouldn’t want to miss her!

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