Juliana Sherwood

Best Friends for your "Girls"

They’re called hooters, fun bags, ta-tas and cans, among other things. But to the woman that’s wearing them, breasts are part of who she is and what she can wear. It’s not uncommon that women who are “blessed” in the boob department wish they had less and those less endowed would do anything for more.

Either way- every woman wants the chest she has to look great no matter what she wears, even if it’s something backless, strapless, low-cut or sheer. Easier said than done, right? You could easily spend hundreds of dollars at big-name lingerie stores buying specialty bras that work for just one type of top. Don’t get us wrong - we are FIRM believers that spending money on quality bras is a must. Having your boobs in the right place with the right support can make you look thinner and will always make your clothes fit better. That being said, the array of specialty bras made just for halter tops, tube tops, t-shirts, etc. or just for one type of support (push-up, padded, etc.), each priced between $40-$58, can get overly pricy very quickly.

Other options? You could skip the sexy backless top you’ve been dying to wear, but that’s no fun. You could try and jerry-rig the bras (or boobs) you have to make an outfit work - i.e., tucking the straps in or use masking tape to secure the girls. Come on, we’ve all done it at least once before. Anything to avoid the nightmare-come-true scenario that every woman fears - Boobs Gone Wild, or BGW for short. Big or small, if your “girls” are out of control, people will notice. People will notice and tell other people. We are all about being noticed, but not for this reason.

Ok let’s get to it - this month PLRG was introduced to a line called PURE STYLE Girlfriends - an over-the-counter, inexpensive, hypo-allergenic and easy to use breast “accessory” line that we are now obsessed with.

We tested the following 4 products:

-Stay Put: Double-sided Fashion Tape 
Chances are, you’ve used some sort of double-sided tape before. This is pretty standard stuff, the “Mr. Fix-It” of the line that can be used for a number of things - here are just a few: stop bra straps from falling, close that “between-the-buttons” gap on your botton-down shirts, “hem” your jeans when you’re wearing flats instead of heels or keep revealing necklines in place.

-Pick-Me-Up: Breast Lift-Up Tape 
Basically, this tape is an instant boob job minus the price and the pain. The adhesive strips are waterproof (read: “sweat proof” for you dancing queens) so they actually stay in place all night. Better yet, the center part that actually covers your nipple doesn’t have any adhesive on it, so you don’t have to worry about a painful situation when taking them off.

-Smooth’em: Reusable Nipple Concealers 
Especially during winter in Chicago, it’s nice to know your “high beams” aren’t on just b/c of the chilly temps. These mini silicone discs are much easier to use than we expected, and they really do create a completely seamless silhouette. You can wash them with soap & water, which seemed to work just fine. Note: Unless you are working with a smaller cup size, wearing these concealers does NOT give you a free pass to go bra-less. Your nipples might be smoothed, but there is still potential for a case of BGW here.

-Gather The Girls: Adhesive Strapless Shaping Bra 
If we had to skip any of the products this would probably be it. Not because it didn’t work well, but because you only can use it up to 10 times. But we’re not complaining - this “bra”, without any straps at all (clear adhesive wings stick to your skin beneath your armpits), really does wonders for cleavage. You even have a bit of control over just how much cleavage you want, since you put on each silicone cup separately, and then clasp the center hook together. The more work that clasp is doing, the more boobalicious you will be. Oh - we took the advice on the packaging and used a little bit of the fashion tape (see above) for extra security on the side flaps…and recommend you do the same.

 All in all, we were fully impressed and think that every woman should have these accessories on hand…if not for herself, then for the “girls” in her life.

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