Juliana Sherwood

Cleavage Control

Brand new bra-aids boost your bust, gather your girls and lend your ladies a lift!

If your girls are teeny tiny, super saggy or having their own separation anxiety, don't create a cleavage crisis! Instead, give your girlfriends a ring.

Pure Style Girlfriends is a new line of bra-aids designed to boost your bust, gather your girls and lend your ladies a lift. "We girls have been stuffing our bras since Cleopatra," jokes company CEO Juliana Lutzi. Now she wants to take creative cleavage to the next level.

Our favorites are the Bump-a-Cup bra inserts ($32) for days when your girls need a little help, and the Jump-a-Cup ($42) inserts for days they need lots of help. The inserts are incredibly light and contoured to fit your beautiful bod.

Other endowment enhancers in the collection include the Gather-the-Girls adhesive strapless bra ($42), Smooth'em nipple concealers ($17), Pick-Me-Up breast lift tape ($17), and other tongue-in-cheek fashion aids. They're waterproof, sweatproof and arrive in glam packaging that might just get you giddy about your girls again.

Lutzi says she created these products so ladies wouldn't turn to dangerous surgeries in search of body perfection. "My advice is that you're naturally beautiful and you can naturally enhance your beauty in a way that leaves you in charge of your own body image," she says. "Because what's important to you today will be different than what's important to you in 10, 20 or 30 years."

Of course, we think you're perfect just the way you are! Itty bitty or spectacularly saggy, you'd look fiercely fab with a paper bag over your head. Or a big wad of tissue stuffed in your bra. But there's nothing wrong with giving the girls a good boost every now and then!

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